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Mission Statement

JF Training Solutions is committed to becoming a leading figure in Safety, Health & Welfare at work here in Ireland.

Through our very carefully chosen team of highly experienced Health & Safety, Fire Fighthing and Medical personell coupled with extensive backgrounds as educators we have struck a balance which has allowed us to continue to deilver only the highest standards in the field.

About us

Established in 2007 we set about delivering quality Safety, Health & Welfare at work training but quickly saw the need for improvements in training and education delivery.

Our goal was to deliver this high level of quality as standard to our customers and bring our experience as Health & Safety personnel, Paramedic’s, Nurses, Fire Fighters and a huge range of professions alongside extensive instructional qualifications and experience to the fore, thus making the working envoirnment a safer place to be for all.

As a wholly Irish owned, Revenue compliant and fully insured company JF Training Solutions endeavours to use Irish products and services to conduct our business and support the Irish economy.